Molecular paleontologist of the Voth race, a saurian species in the Delta Quadrant. Professor Forra Gegen was a proponent of the controversial "Distant Origin Theory" which contended that the Voth people had originated on a faraway planet and had migrated to their current space about 20 million years ago. This idea contradicted the accepted view that the Voth evolved in the Delta Quadrant and were the "First Race," a view that kept their race in power in their region.

Gegen kept his theory mostly to himself until he found compelling evidence on Hanon IV — the remains of a sentient being from a planet called Earth in the Alpha Quadrant, whose genetic makeup showed a relationship between the human species and the Voth. Gegen realized the body came from a ship called Voyager, so he and his assistant Veer tracked the ship down and transported aboard, under cloak, to investigate further. They were detected by the crew, however, and in the ensuing confusion Gegen ended up back on his own ship with Voyager's first officer, Chakotay. Realizing that Gegen had no hostile intent, Chakotay helped the scientist arrive at his ultimate conclusion: The ancestors of the Voth race evolved from the dinosaurs of Earth tens of millions of years ago, developed space-faring technology, left the planet and ended up in the Delta Quadrant. However, the Ministry of Elders did not look kindly upon the new evidence, and charged the professor with heresy. Minister Odala tried to force Gegen to retract his claims by threatening to imprison the crew of Voyager for life and destroy the ship. Gegen did finally make a retraction to save his new friends, coming to realize his society is not yet ready to embrace the truth. The ministry reassigned Gegen to the vocation of metallurgical analysis, a career he expected to be undistinguished.