Dralian trader who often did business with the Dinaali Hospital Ship run by Chellick. In 2377 Gar stole the Emergency Medical Hologram program from the U.S.S. Voyager and sold it to Chellick for use in his facility. Gar was on Voyager trading high-grade iridium, and when he learned of the Doctor's program, he feigned food poisoning so he could get into Sickbay. Gar replaced the Doctor with an old training file and replicated a fake mobile emitter, then made off with the real program. Once his pilferage was discovered, Voyager went to great lengths to track down Gar, following a trail of thievery, manipulation and adultery throughout the sector.

It turns out that Gar was having an affair with a married woman, who talked her weak husband into recommending Gar to a supplier named Kipp on a planetoid called Velos. Kipp let Gar talk him into letting him have 3000 induction units on consignment, and then never heard from him again. Gar sold the induction units to an asteroid mining operation legitimately, but before he left he stole 20 kilos of high-grade iridium. He traded half of that ore to Voyager legitimately, but then purloined the EMH.

Gar was on his way to a gambling tournament on Selek IV when Voyager finally caught up with his ship and beamed the "snake-oil salesman" into their Brig. While there Neelix fed him Talaxian wormroot, which caused him severe abdominal spasms. Neelix told him only the ship's EMH is authorized to administer the antidote ... to "encourage" him to "remember" where the Doctor was. He caved in, and Voyager recovered the Doctor from the Hospital Ship.

Gar was identified by the Hospital Ship's administrative computer, the Allocator, as having a Treatment Coefficient of 15, which was rather high.