Galorndon Core

A strategic Federation world less than half a light-year from the Neutral Zone and always in darkness. Swept by severe electrical storms of charged-particle precipitation that block sensors and communication but not transporter beams, the planet has magnetic fields that break down the synaptic connections of neurons, leading to mental damage.

A Romulan craft of at least two crash-landed there on a never-explained mission circa stardate 43349.2 and nearly sparked an incident between the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D and a Warbird sent to retrieve them. At probably a high warp speed as used by the Romulans, the planet is six hours from their side of the Neutral Zone, or an hour from the Federation's side. Two years later, the stolen Vulcan ship T'Pau was delivered there by the Ferengi smuggler Omag to a Barolian freighter en route to Romulus to be used as one of the three "Trojan horse" invasion ships on Vulcan.