She’s now a film fatale best known for her star turn as the Mary Jane Watson love interest to Toby Maguire’s Spiderman in three blockbuster films from the franchise, but in 1994 the bedimpled Kirstin Dunst was just beginning her career as a 12-year-old child actress. That’s when she appeared in TNG’s “Dark Page” as Hedril, a young Cairn girl whose presence sends Lawaxana Troi into a coma until she can recall, accept and reveal the painful truth to Deanna about the death of her first daughter Kestra, whom Deanna never knew.

Dunst, a native of Point Pleasant, N.J., was born in 1982 and began modelin gfor TV commericals at age 3.  Her breakout role came with Interview With The Vampire a year after her TNG appearance, followed quickly by more acclaim amid an all-star cast in the remake of Little Women. Other film roles of notes included The Virgin Suicides. Bring It On!, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and she contnues to work frequently in indie movies as well as mainstream Hollywood titles.