Collins, Christopher

Christopher Collins played four characters over the Star Trek franchise, beginning with Klingon Captain Kargan in TNG’s “A Matter of Honor”. He was also a Pakled, Captain Grebnedlog in “Samaritan Snare, “ and then two Markalians on DS9: Durg in “The Passenger,” and the Albino’s assistant in “Blood Oath.”

Collins’ career was cut short in 1994, when he was found dead on June 12 of a cerebral hemorrhage after an illness—just six months after filming his last DS9 role. His death also marked the end of his original voicing of Mr. Burns on The Simpsons, but successor Harry Shearer studied Collins’ performance and mimicked his Burns voice in taking it over. More famously, Collins provided the dubbed-English voice of Sgt. Knox of Star Blazers/Space Battle Yamamoto, plus the original voices of Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe and of Starscream in the Transformers series.   

Along with his acting, Collins was an award-winning stand-up comic and appeared on comedy TV series numerous times. The 1949 native of Orange, N.J., was born “Christopher Lawrence Latta” before being adopted, and used Chris Latta in some credits.