As a child, John Billingsley moved often, from Media, PA where he was born, to Alabama, Louisiana and Connecticut.  From the age of nine, when he played Ebeneezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, he knew he wanted to be an actor.  After graduating from Bennington College in Vermont with a degree in theatre, he moved to Seattle and established a theatrical career that included roles in productions as disparate as The Time of Your Life, The Nerd, and Pinter’s The Birthday Party.  Billingsley went on to establish a theatre company—called Book-It—in Seattle, and helped to found an acting studio named Freehold; both are still thriving.  Relocating to Los Angeles, Billingsley quickly began winning roles on such series as NYPD Blue, The Pretender, X-Files and Judging Amy

After co-starring in Stephen Spielberg’s The Others, he was cast as Dr. Phlox on Star Trek: Enterprise.  He has since appeared in dozens of series, including NCIS, The West Wing, CSI, Nip/Tuck, The Gilmore Girls, The Closer, Six Feet Under, Prison Break and True Blood.  On the big screen, he has appeared in Out of Time opposite Denzel Washington, as well as Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles and director Roland Emmerich’s 2012.  Billingsley is married to actress Bonita Friedericy.  His most recent feature films are the upcoming Losing Control, and Sironia set for release in 2011.