Aging Disease

Afflictions encountered whose chief symptoms include the rapid aging of human tissue and body systems. One, discovered in 2267 at Gamma Hydra IV, was induced by radiation from a comet passing through the atmosphere and wiped out a science colony before its cure by Dr. Leonard McCoy aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, using adrenalin rather than the more modern preferred drug, hyronalin.

A variation of this affliction was created in 2365, caused by the otherwise harmless Thelusian flu virus after being mutated by an antibody from the aggressive immuno-system bred into the Darwin Station's "superchildren." It wiped out the U.S.S. Lantree's crew and threatened the station staff, including visiting Dr. Pulaski, before the crew was reintegrated via a modified transporter biofilter using a pre-infected sample of individual DNA.