Wife to the head of the House of Kozak, a family of some import in the Klingon High Council. Grilka was widowed when Kozak was killed in 2371 aboard station Deep Space 9. Because initial reports indicated Kozak was killed in combat, Grilka was forced to perform the brek'tal ritual with her husband's killer, in order to preserve her family. Quark, acting briefly as head of the House, made arrangements with the Klingon High Council, so that Grilka could lead the family herself. Klingon law normally prevented a woman from heading a House. In return for his assistance, Grilka granted Quark a divorce. In 2373, Grilka visited Quark on Deep Space 9 to ask him for financial advice. With Worf's tutelage in the ways of Klingon courtship, Quark pursued Grilka, eventually winning her affection. As a result of his relationship with Grilka, Quark received a compound fracture of the right radius, two fractured ribs, torn ligaments, strained tendons, and numerous bruises, contusions, and scratches.