Sweeny is a writer and consulting producer on Star Trek: Discovery. His previous credits include The 4400, Medium, Common Law, Elementary and Limitless.

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Oyin Oladejo, who appeared as Lieutenant Junior Grade Joann Owosekun in the Star Trek: Discovery episode "Context Is for Kings," is a Toronto-based actress who hails from Nigeria. After graduating from Humber College`s Theatre Performance Program, Oladejo has amassed such in plays, films and shows as In This World, A Doll's House, TomorrowLove and Pond.

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Elias Toufexis played Cold in the Star Trek: Discovery episode "Context Is for Kings." The Canadian actor has performed on stage, in films and video games, and on television, and is also both a voiceover artist and motion-capture veteran actor. His counts among his credits Decoys, Da Vinci's Inquest, Stargate: Atlantis, Smallville, Supernatural, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Bitten, Len and Company, The Expanse and The Long Dark

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Glenn NCC-1030, U.S.S.

The U.S.S. Glenn NCC-1030 was a Federation Crossfield class starship in the mid-23rd century that was researching a new, experimental organic-propulsion system along with the U.S.S. Discovery. An unexpected incident occurred during black alert manuevers testing the new propulsion system resulting in the death of the entire crew. 

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Laryngotracheal Stenosis

An abnormal narrowing of the central air passageways that can cause chronic snoring and a dry throat. Sylvia Tilly was born with the condition.

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Sara Mitich plays Lt. Commander Airiam, a synthetic-human hybrid aboard the U.S.S. Discovery, on Star Trek: Discovery. Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Mitich's previous television and film credits include The Listener, Joy Ride 3: Road Kill, Heroes Reborn, Murdoch Mysteries, The Expanse, White Night and Anon.

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A Starfleet prisoner in the mid-23rd century that was being transported to Tellum along with Michael Burnham and two other prisoners when their shuttle was intercepted by the U.S.S. Discovery

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Prototaxites Stellaviatori

A fungal species used by Paul Stamets for mycelium spores.

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(Portrayed by Christopher Russell).

A communications officer on the U.S.S. Discovery.


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An astromycologist conducting research with Paul Stamets to "get to the living heart of the universe. The veins and muscles that hold our galaxies together." The Federation co-opted their research at the start of the Klingon-Federation War in order to develop an organic-propulsion system. Staal was assigned to the U.S.S. Glenn as a Science Officer while Stamets was assigned to the U.S.S. Discovery to expedite their research. Straal was killed, along with the entire crew of the U.S.S. Glenn, during black alert manuevers testing the new propulsion system.

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The name given by Michael Burnham to the tardigrade found on the U.S.S. Glenn following the ship's failed propulsion experiment. Ripper was beamed aboard the U.S.S. Discovery by Captain Lorca in the hopes the creature could offer a tactical advantage in the war against the Klingon Empire.

Commander Landry was killed by Ripper while trying to expedite its analysis. Later, Burnham would correctly hypothesize that Ripper was the solution to the organic-propulsion drive experiment.  

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Mary Wiseman stars on Star Trek: Discovery as Sylvia Tilly, a Starfleet Academy cadet in her final year of study, assigned to the U.S.S. Discovery.

The young actress, who studied at Juilliard, counts among her credits episodes of such TV series as The Characters, Difficult People, Longmire and Baskets. Her stage work includes an off-Broadway production of The Octoroon, as well as her 2015 Broadway debut in Therese Raquin and a 2017 production of The Skin of Our Teeth at the Theater for a New Audience in Brooklyn, New York.

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Jason Isaacs plays Captain Gabriel Lorca, captain of the U.S.S. Discovery, on Star Trek: Discovery. The veteran British actor’s career spans nearly 30 years and counting, and his credits include Capitol City, Event Horizon, The Patriot, several Harry Potter films (in which he portrayed Lucius Malfoy, the father of Draco Malfoy), Awake, the Rosemary’s Baby miniseries with Zoe Saldana, Dig and Star Wars Rebels.

Isaacs' current and upcoming projects include The OA, London Fields, Behind the Glass, The Death of Stalin and Hotel Mumbai.

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Grace Lynn Kung played the prisoner Psycho in the Star Trek: Discovery episode, "Context Is for Kings." A Canadian actress who splits her time between North America and the U.K., Kung counts among her film and television credits Blue State, House Party, Degrassi: The Next Generation, The Strain, Miss Sloane, Mary Kills People, Designated Survivor, Cult of Chucky, Carmilla and Fahrenheit 451

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(Portrayed by Sara Mitich).

A Lieutenant Commander and synthetic-human hybrid on the U.S.S. Discovery,

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Glenn Hetrick, Star Trek: Discovery's creature and makeup effects designer, was raised in Hellertown, PA. His proclivity for horror films, particularly those of the Universal and Hammer Studios variety, and sci-fi/fantasy, imbued him with a ravenous appetite for all things genre-related. This passion compelled him to work on various theater projects as both actor and fledgling make-up artist throughout junior and senior high school. As an undergrad at York College of Pa., he landed his first acting role in an independent feature, which happened to be a horror film. He moved quickly to secure the special effects makeup artist position as well, and began creating the multitudinous gags on his first film with a shoestring budget.

Soon, Hetrick was working on an array of projects: sculpting masks for Halloween companies and collaborating with world-renowned musical acts such as the Misfits. Upon arriving in Hollywood, he found his first foothold at Optic Nerve Studios as a lab technician, fabricator, painter and eventually sculptor and designer. After working for years on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and The X-files among others, he became CEO of the company. He partnered with longtime friend and collaborator Neville Page to evolve the shop even further into the newly renamed Alchemy Studios. He personally supervises every effect for his studio’s many projects and still applies many of the makeups. Simultaneous to his work as an FX artist, he continues to pursue producing his own horror projects and starred for many years on Syfy's long-running Face-Off! 

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Kenneth Mitchell co-stars on Star Trek: Discovery as Kol, a commanding officer in the Klingon Empire. Mitchell, who was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, has appeared in such films as The Recruit, Miracle and 5-25-77. Among his many television credits are Odyssey 5, Grey’s Anatomy, Ghost Whisperer, Jericho, The Mentalist, Switched at Birth, The Astronaut Wives Club and Frequency

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Interstellar Positioning Relays

Mid 23rd century technology that allowed Starfleet to monitor remote boundries of Federation space.

During a routine check, the U.S.S. Shenzhou discovered a relay that was intentionally damaged by the Klingons. The incident led to the Battle at the Binary Stars.

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Tasia Valenza provides the Computer Voice for Star Trek: Discovery. She is a New York City-born actress and voiceover artist whose long list of films, television show and games encompasses All My Children, Highway to Heaven, The Heights, Space: Above and Beyond, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Metal Gear Solid: Integral, Batman Beyond, The Bold and the Beautiful, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and World of Warcraft: Legion

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Shenzhou NCC-1227, U.S.S.

The U.S.S. Shenzhou NCC-1227 was a Walker class starship commanded by Captain Philippa Georgiou. The ship was destroyed during the Battle of the Binary Stars at the start of the Klingon-Federation War.

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