Matter Synthesizer

A 23rd century device capable of forging atoms into items. Michael Burnham used the device to replicate a uniform during her temporary assignment to the U.S.S. Discovery's science division.

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A Starfleet prisoner in the mid-23rd century that was being transported to Tellum along with Michael Burnham and two other prisoners when their shuttle was intercepted by the U.S.S. Discovery

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Displacement-Activated Spore Hub Drive

An experimental technology developed by Paul Stamets and Science Officer Straal during the mid-23rd century that allowed starships to travel instantly across a mycelium network. The technology was only used on two Federation starships: the U.S.S. Glenn and the U.S.S. Discovery.

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(Portrayed by Oyin Oladejo).

A Lieutenant Junior Grade Operations Officer on the U.S.S. Discovery.

Terran Owosekun

A trusted member of the Emperor's guard on the I.S.S. Charon.

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Julianne Grossman, who provides the voice of the U.S.S. Discovery’s computer, is an actress, standup comic and veteran voiceover artist. Her many credits include Doubt, Spaceballs: The Animated Series, The Life & Times of Tim; Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, Wonder Woman, Justice League, and Rugrats: All Growed Up; campaigns for Target, Visa, McDonald's, Honda, Nike, Appleby's, and many more; promos for CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, PBS, HGTV, TLC and HBO; and narrating duties on behalf of "E," The Style Channel, The Travel Channel, HGTV, Discovery, etc.

Grossman, who hails from Los Angeles, has also lent her voice to numerous videogames, including Elder Scrolls, Star Wars: The Old Republic, X-men: Next Dimension, Everquest, Infamous, God of War II and DropZone. Her solo show and playwriting debut, From Bonkers to Botox, enjoyed a 9-week sold-out run in Los Angeles and was selected by HBO as a Featured Performance in their U.S. Comedy Arts Festival.


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Fortune Cookies

An crisp cookie popular on Earth prior to the 23rd Century. The cookie included "fortune" inside which was an aphorism or prophecy.

Captain Lorca's family owned a fortune cookie company in the 22nd century before until "the future came, and hunger, need, and want disappeared."

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Saad Siddiqui played Straal, Lt. Stamets' doomed research partner, in the Star Trek: Discovery episode, "Context Is for Kings." Born in Pakistan and raised in Maryland, Siddiqui is an actor and world-class martial artist. Among his dozens of film and television credits are Warehouse 13, Unnatural History, Cosmopolis, Rogue, Orphan Black, 24: Legacy, Taken and Fahrenheit 451.

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Security Officer on the U.S.S. DiscoveryLandry was killed by a tardigrade - nicknamed Ripper - when she opened its containment pen on the U.S.S. Discovery.

Terran Landry

Landry was captured by the Terran Empire and imprisoned in an agonizer on the I.S.S. Charon. She was released by Lorca and helped lead the coup attempt against the Emperor. She was killed when the U.S.S. Discovery destroyed the Charon.

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Discovery NCC-1031, U.S.S.

A Federation Crossfield class starship captained by Gabriel Lorca. The ship featured an experimental propulsion drive.

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A Starfleet prisoner in the mid-23rd century that was being transported to Tellum along with Michael Burnham and two other prisoners when their shuttle was intercepted by the U.S.S. Discovery

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The vegetative part of a fungus.

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Canadian actor Christopher Russell portrays Milton Richter in Star Trek: Discovery. His many film and television credits over the past two decades span from Kevin Hill, Land of the Dead, Supernatural and Flashpoint to Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, iZombie, Reign and Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

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Conrad Pla is the actor who played Stone in the Star Trek: Discovery episode "Context Is for Kings." Born in Spain and raised in Canada, Pla counts among his dozens of credits such shows and features as Dead Awake, The Sum of All Fears, Mutant X, The Terminal, ReGenesis, Casino Jack, Immortals, Riddick, Rogue, Quantico, The Expanse and Taken.

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Anthony Rapp, Lt. Paul Stamets on Star Trek: Discovery, was born in Chicago and raised in Joliet, Illinois. An acclaimed actor and singer, he is most recognized for playing Mark Cohen in the off-Broadway and Broadway productions of the musical Rent, as well as in the film adaptation.

His other stage work includes You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Little Shop of Horrors and If/Then, and among his film and television credits are School Ties, Twister, A Beautiful Mind, The Lazarus Man, The X-Files, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and The Knick. Rapp also, in 2000, released an album titled Look Around. 

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A multi-legged micro-animal that lives in the waters of Earth and is capable of surviving extreme heat and sub-freezing temperatures. 

In the mid-23rd century, Michael Burnham discovered a macro-size version of the species that is sensitive to light and attracted to mushroom spores.

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Context Is for Kings

Michael Burnham finds herself aboard the U.S.S. Discovery, where she quickly realizes things are not as they seem, including the mysterious Captain Gabriel Lorca.

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An organism that feeds on electricity. In the mid-23rd century, a shuttle carrying Michael Burnham and three other prisoners was disabled when GS54 begins feeding on the shuttle's power system. 

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Sweeny is a writer and consulting producer on Star Trek: Discovery. His previous credits include The 4400, Medium, Common Law, Elementary and Limitless.

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Oyin Oladejo, who appeared as Lieutenant Junior Grade Joann Owosekun in the Star Trek: Discovery episode "Context Is for Kings," is a Toronto-based actress who hails from Nigeria. After graduating from Humber College`s Theatre Performance Program, Oladejo has amassed such in plays, films and shows as In This World, A Doll's House, TomorrowLove and Pond.

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Rekha Sharma, who hails from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, co-stars on Star Trek: Discovery as Commander Ellen Landry, the Discovery’s security officer. Sharma is perhaps most recognized for her roles as Tory Foster on Battlestar Galactica and Dr. Lorelei Tsing on The 100. Among her other film and television credits are The Outer Limits, The Core, Smallville, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

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