freighter, Klingon


A portable transceiver device in use by Starfleet crews since the mid-22nd century.

Earlier versions were designed as a hand-held device with a hardware control interface and a flip-up antennae grid/activator, but by the 2340s the communicator functions had been built into the metallic uniform insignia "combadge" worn on the left breast, activated by touch or voice.

Among many uses, communicators serve as locator IDs for gaining a transporter lock on personnel.

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Kirsten Beyer is a staff writer on Star Trek: Discovery and also author of the long-running Star Trek: Voyager novels. She actually also serves as Discovery’s liaison to the groups working on the Discovery tie-in novels and comic books. Her Voyager novels include Full Circle, The Eternal Tide, Protectors, Act of Contrition, A Pocket Full of Lies and Architects of Infinity.

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merchant ship, Federation

Unspecified ship attacked in the Demilitarized Zone by two Cardassian settlers' private attack craft who believed it to be bringing arms to the former United Federation of Planets colonists; Hudson later says it was bringing medical supplies to Soltok IV. It is saved by more rogue Federation ships — a battle Commander Sisko and Dukat view only by long-range sensors after detecting its distress call. Evek says it had refused to be boarded.

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John S. Scott directed the first-season Star Trek: Discovery episode, “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.” Scott, who was born and raised in California, worked his way up the ranks of the camera department, kicking off his career as a first assistant camera operator, then camera operator, before directing. Among his credits as a director: Glee, Nip/Tuck, Chuck, American Horror Story, Devious Maids, Suits, Revenge, Mistresses, Catch and The Magicians. He also served as a supervising producer on Mistresses

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Ferengi wine

Reddish-orange beverage of Ferengi origin.

A waiter served some to Quark and Sakonna, the Vulcan Maquis. The bottle featured a label with the Ferengi insignia.


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