Soltok IV

Fourth planet (pronounced "SOUL-talk" and sometimes spelled "Saltok") in the Soltok system.

Soltok IV is the planet that Cal Hudson contended was the actual destination of the Federation merchant ship that was attacked by the Cardassian colonists' upgraded attack craft. Gul Evek claims it carried arms, but Hudson says it had only medical supplies. It is possilbe that the planet was not only Class-M, but a colony site as well. However, it could have been merely a rendezvous point or site of an orbital facility.

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Volan II

The colony on Volan III's neighboring sister planet was in place by 2350, when then 23-year-old Bill Samuels came there to live.

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Mike Matessino was the restoration supervisor for "Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director's Edition." Prior to that he worked with "TMP" director Robert Wise through the 1990s on restorations and behind-the-scenes documentaries for several of the filmmaker's projects, including "The Sound of Music," "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "Star!" Other documentaries to his credit include John Carpenter's "The Thing," "The Last Starfighter" and "Alien," the latter two with "Director's Edition" colleague David C. Fein.

Mike is a prominent film historian and preservationist, with particular emphasis in recent years on the restoration of film music. He co-wrote and produced the AMC special "Hidden Hollywood: Treasures from the 20th Century Fox Vault," which presented long-lost music sequences from the 1930s, 40s and 50s. An accomplished music mixer and editor, he has produced and/or restored music for hundreds of soundtrack projects including the "Star Wars" Trilogy, "Poltergeist," "Superman," "Alien," a comprehensive box set of Jerry Goldsmith's music for 20th Century-Fox and many scores from Hollywood's Golden Age by Alfred Newman, Bernard Herrmann, Victor Young, Franz Waxman and others. A native of New York and graduate of New York University's film and television program, Mike has also directed children's choirs and has taught music theory and voice training.

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Badlands Asteroid

A body hidden among the plasma storms of the Badlands, large enough to be Class-M despite its rogue status outside a star system. It is the destination of the Maquis while abducting Gul Dukat.

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By inference, the name of the neutral planet and/or star that is home to a passenger-bearing ship that brought the- disguised Dukat to Deep Space Nine after the Bok'nor incident.

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Vulcan Science Academy

An institue of higher learning on the planet Vulcan. Michael Burnham, adoptive daughter of Vulcan Ambassador, Sarek, and Amanda Grayson, was the first human graduate of the Academy. Spock chose to apply to Starfleet in 2249 rather than stay on his homeworld causing a 18-year rift between him and his father, Sarek.

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