If you’ve ever wanted to act in a Star Trek movie or television show, now’s your chance. And you might even replace – albeit temporarily – William Shatner in the original Star Trek series and Patrick Stewart (as Locutus) in The Next Generation. Such is the magic of Yoostar 2, the latest video karaoke from Yoostar Entertainment Group, which enables players to insert themselves into scenes from dozens of Hollywood blockbusters and television shows (and to do so in five different languages). And in breaking news exclusive to StarTrek.com, scenes from The Wrath of Khan (one example seen above) - in which you can replace Shatner as Kirk or Ricardo Montalban as Khan – will be available in a subsequent Wrath of Khan DLC pack.

Yoostar 2 will be available on Tuesday, March 8 in North America and on March 11 throughout the rest of the world, while The Wrath of Khan downloadable content will be available on March 22 through the Yoostore and in console marketplaces. Yoostar 2 can be played on Xbox Kinect or PlayStation Move. Players can share performances with friends (via Facebook, Twitter or email), challenge each other and vie to become the top Yoostar celebrity. For additional information, visit www.yoostar.com.