WWPD? Come on, you know what that means – and you know the answer, too. It means, What Would Picard Drink, and the answer, of course, is Tea, Earl Grey, Hot. Replicator, schmeplicator, Picard sips the real stuff, and now you can, too. Yes, ladies and gentlemen and aliens, boys and girls, and Star Trek fans of all ages, ThinkGeek has made it so with the introduction of their latest product, Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Available now, the 4-ounce tin is filled with a blend of Federation-issue premium black tea with bergamot. ThinkGeek suggests following the simplest of instructions: scoop Tea. Earl Grey. Hot into your favorite looseleaf brewer. Start with water just off the boil for 2-3 minutes and you'll have the perfect Captain's tea: fresh, zesty, exhilarating and slightly dry to the nose, with a rounded and balanced orange rind flavor.

Tea, Earl Grey. Hot. is available now. The very cool 4-ounce tin sells for $14.99. Click HERE to purchase.

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