STAR TREK The Visual Dictionary won’t be out until March, but the folks at DK are giving fans the opportunity to win a copy before the book arrives in stores. Running now until the end of day Sunday, the STAR TREK The Visual Dictionary Sweepstakes can be entered via Facebook – click HERE – with five lucky winners to receive an advance copy of the book.



As previously reported on, STAR TREK: The Visual Dictionary is a visual exploration of the Star Trek universe, spanning all five of the Star Trek series and the first 10 movies. It’s highlighted by detailed descriptions and full-color photos of technology and ships, as well as characters and aliens (their culture and behavior), encompassing Andorians to Vidiians, and everything in between.




DK will release The Visual Dictionary as a 96-page hardcover. The book, which will be available in the UK and the US, will boast a foreword by Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Q, John de Lancie. Click below to pre-order from!



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