The Iconians have arrived. Their armies are now marching across the Beta Quadrant and what resistance the Starfleet-KDF-Romulan Republic Alliance can muster has only been able to slow them down, not stop them.
It’s been a long time since the Iconians were last in this part of space. Since then, some of the fiercest warriors ever to live have sprung into existence and made a name for themselves on the fields of battle – The Klingon Empire now is the point of our Alliance’s spear. But what good is a fine weapon, if it is not wielded with grace and precision?

House Pegh, “the secret house,” is a small group of elite warriors within the Empire who believe that victory is the ultimate glory and a battle that is won at the cost of your army is no victory at all. And as the mighty Kahless once said, “A well-aimed blade can sometimes achieve more than a fully armed armada.”
On Thursday, May 21, you will be tasked with joining “House Pegh” in a new episode for a covert operation designed to strike at the heart of the Iconian forces. If you are victorious in your attack, House Pegh will no longer be able to remain “the secret house.”

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