The Antaeus Company, the Los Angeles-based non-profit, classical theater ensemble for which Armin Shimerman and his wife, Kitty Swink, serve as associate artistic directors, will kick off its 2013 season with a production of George Bernard Shaw’s play Mrs. Warren’s Profession. The rotating cast includes a number of Star Trek veterans. Linda Park of Enterprise, for example, will play Vivie Warren, the daughter in Shaw’s searing mother-daughter drama. Other co-stars include Tony Amendola and Kurtwood Smith, who are sharing the role of Sir George Crofts. Amendola appeared in the Voyager episode “Muse,” while Smith portrayed the Federation President in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Thrax in the Deep Space Nine episode “Things Past” and Annorax in the Voyager hours “Year of Hell” and “Year of Hell, Part II.”

Artistic Director Kitty Swink as Minister Rozahn in DS9's "Sanctuary"

Crofts Actor Kurtwood Smith as Annorax in Voyager's "Year of Hell"

Mrs. Warren’s Profession will begin previews on March 7, with the opening set for March 14 and 15. The show will then run from Thursday to Sunday through to April 21. Click HERE for information about the Antaeus Company, Mrs. Warren’s Profession and for tickets.


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