OK, admit it: You've dissed Wesley Crusher forever and a half, but now that ThinkGeek has just introduced a Star Trek: The Next Generation Wesley Crusher Uniform Hoodie, you want one sooooo bad. It's not a problem; we promise we won't tell anyone, though what you do and say once someone recognizes you in the Wesley hoodie... well, you're on your own there.

The Wesley Crusher hoodie is light grey below, with dark grey on the shoulders and a black hood lining, and it features the familiar three-horizontal-stripe design across the shoulders, with the green coming up and over the red on the left shoulder. The body of the product is made of 70% cotton, 30% polyester, while the trim is 97% cotton and 3% Spandex, and the hood lining is 100% cotton. It comes in sizes ranging from small to double XL and it costs $59.99.

Visit www.thinkgeek.com to purchase.


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