The latest trailer for COPD Highly Illogical: Remembering Leonard Nimoy has just been released. The new trailer includes comments from much of the late actor's family, including wife Susan Bay Nimoy and daughter Julie, as well as Nimoy's doctor, who treated the actor as he battled Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, commonly referred to as COPD, the disease that claimed his life in February of 2015.

Surprisingly few people are aware of COPD, despite the fact that the condition is one of the most-prevalent lung diseases diagnosed today and even though it ranks as the third most-common cause of death in America. Nimoy disclosed his diagnosis in 2014 and spent his remaining days talking and tweeting about the illness, revealing how his years of smoking caused it, and imploring anyone who smoked to do the logical thing – and quit.

COPD Highly Illogical: Remembering Leonard Nimoy will open in November. Go to to learn more about the film and about COPD.

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