Leonard Nimoy appeared on Piers Morgan Live on Monday night, once again very publicly addressing the fact that he has COPD -- or lung disease -- as a result of his many years of smoking, and despite the fact that he quit decades ago.

The Star Trek legend acknowledged that he smoked as many as two packs a day in his prime, joking that he would have qualified for the Olympics of smoking if there were such a thing. "I could smoke in the shower," he stated, noting that during his days in the military cigarette manufacturers gave soldiers smokes for free, with the U.S. government's implicit blessing. No one thought it was dangerous.

“People were being told smoking is terrific,” Nimoy recalled, specificially citing a 1946 Camel cigarettes advertising campaign that stated “more doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette.” As he simply put it, "It was cool to be able to light a cigarette."

Now, everyone's tune has changed. People know smoking is dangerous. Even the cigarette companies themselves acknowledge the danger. Of course, many people still smoke and, for those who do, it's an addiction.

“You have to treat it as an addiction and understand that it's not too early to quit," Nimoy told Morgan and viewers. "Young people think, 'Maybe in 10 years I'll quit,' you know?' "The damage is being done right now. Evevery day you light a cigarette, you're losing cells in your lungs."

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