George Takei wears many hats: Star Trek legend, social activist, social media maven and more. But in his latest project, the Internet series It Takeis Two, he plays himself. The show follows Takei and husband Brad as they navigate their daily lives, from the Internet and the upcoming Broadway show Allegiance, to jetpacks and human hamster balls. And today, is pleased to exclusively present episode 8 of It Takeis Two. Titled "House Rules," the episode features a cameo by Nichelle Nichols and is dedicated to Leonard Nimoy. Below is both a synopsis and the full episode.

George has started rehearsals for Allegiance and is finding navigating NY traffic a problem.  George brings up a longtime purchase he's always fantasized buying, which would make the commute more swift -- a jetpack. Brad insists he cannot purchase one. This launches the couple into a dilemma involving each other's "fantasy buys," things each has wanted over the years that the other had to talk them out of. Brad has always wanted a Human Hamster Ball.  As a result of these silly whims, they have established "House Rules" that everything they want to purchase must pass before buying. When Brad overhears a conversation George has on the phone with Nichelle Nichols he thinks George has strayed from the "House Rules" and retaliates. Will the result leave you bouncing off the walls or will you jet out of here?

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