WATCH: Exclusive Enterprise Clip

WATCH: Exclusive Enterprise Clip

Star Trek: Enterprise - Season Four will be available on Blu-ray on April 29, and as a teaser for the six-disc set, CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media shared with an exclusive minute-long clip from In Conversation: Writing Star Trek: Enterprise, one of the many new extras created especially for inclusion in the set. The clip features Enterprise writer/producer/co-creator Brannon Braga, reunited with several former Enterprise writers, leading a conversation about how they dealt with the Vulcans on the show. Among the writers joining Braga in the clip are Mike Sussman, Andre Bormanis, David Goodman, Chris Black, Phyllis Strong and Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.

As previously reported, Star Trek: Enterprise Season 4 will include all 22 episodes of the sci-fi adventure's final season, in high-definition, along with a trove of extras. In addition to In Conversation: Writing Star Trek: Enterprise, the extras include new commentaries, deleted scenes, outtakes and other featurettes. Actually, In Conversation: Writing Star Trek: Enterprise runs 90 minutes and is part of "Before Her Time: Decommissioning Enterprise," a four-part documentary comprised of cast and crew interviews.



Star Trek: Enterprise -- Season Four will cost $130 in the U.S. and $150 in Canada. Visit to pre-order. Keep an eye on for additional details.


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