Star Trek III: The Search for Spock opened 30 years ago and we thought we'd celebrate by sharing a whimsical video -- DIY Enterprise: The Next Generation of 3-D Printing -- created by the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. In it, a young boy, Eli, makes a diorama for a school project. It depicts the destruction of the U.S.S. Enterprise in Star Trek III. However, to his mom's dismay, he's got a Millennium Falcon rather than the Enterprise primed for destruction -- and school's about to start. So mom reaches out to USC Viterbi Professor Yong Chen (who plays himself) for help, and his revolutionary 3-D printing technology just might save the day. In fact, what once took up to five hours will take just 15 minutes.

No doubt, Scotty would be proud of Professor Chen, a fellow miracle worker. Visit University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering to learn more.


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