The panel "An Astronaut’s Voyage to the Final Frontier," held on October 12, kicked off Toronto International Film Festival's series of Trek Talks -- and is pleased to share video of the entire 84-minute session. Presented in partnership with CBS and the Canadian Space Agency, TIFF's Trek Talks feature roundtable discussions and keynote presentations that consider the influence of Star Trek in the areas of television, film, technology, space exploration, education, politics and social justice.

"An Astronaut's Voyage to the Final Frontier" explored the innovative ways in which Star Trek represents space travel and technology, and it welcomed Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen as keynote speaker. Lt. Col. Hansen was one of two recruits selected in May 2009 through the third Canadian Astronaut Recruitment Campaign. While waiting for a flight assignment, Lt. Col. Hansen works at NASA's Mission Control Center as Capcom, the voice between the ground and the ISS.

The next event, Trek Talks: Lawrence Kraus on Star Trek and Science, will be held on November 2. Visit for details about that Trek Talk and others as well.

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