Star Trek: Voyager guest star Virginia Madsen tries her hand at something very different with her latest project, I Know a Woman Like That. The Oscar-nominated actress, who played Kellin in the fourth-season Voyager episode “Unforgettable" and will be seen next month in the new CBS series American Gothic, produced the documentary, which is directed by her mother, Emmy Award-winner Elaine Madsen. Virgil Films will release it tomorrow, May 10, on Digital HD and DVD.

The critically acclaimed documentary, which originally played the festival circuit in 2009, provides a portrait of women between the ages of 64 and 94 and the extraordinary lives they lead at a time when the world expects women of this generation to be reclining in rocking chairs. Elaine Madsen (mother of Virginia and also Reservoir Dogs actor Michael Madsen) sits down with more than a dozen women, including Eartha Kitt, Lauren Hutton, Gloria Steinem and Rita Moreno, to reflect on the many challenges they faced while pursuing their dreams. Many of the interviewees, including a competitive water skier in her 90s, writers, artists and businesswomen, proudly proclaim life to be better now than when they were younger.

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