Mattel will venture to San Diego Comic-Con next month with two special SDCC-exclusive products celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series. First up is a Barbie version of Vina. The character Vina was featured in the first Star Trek pilot episode, “The Cage,” in 1965, but it was not broadcast on television until late 1988. The episode is a cult classic and has a different captain, namely Christopher Pike. The story starts with the Enterprise crew receiving a radio distress call from the fourth planet in the Talos star group, where Captain Pike meets a beautiful young woman named Vina. She is a ruse of enemy forces, the Talosians, who seek to lure the Enterprise to their planet. Vina is presented to Pike in various guises and settings, including the seductive green-skinned Orion which is the inspiration for this SDCC doll. 

The Barbie Vina doll is priced at $50 and will be featured on Mattel’s SDCC pre-sale site on Matty Collector starting June 16 for subscribers only (Early Access), and from June 16 through June 25 for everyone else (All Access). Orders must be picked up in person at San Diego Comic-Con. 

The next SDCC exclusive also involves requires a bit of historical context. Back when TOS first blasted off into the stratosphere, Leonard Nimoy, the soon-to-be-famous actor who made Mr. Spock one of TV’s best known sci-fi characters, rewarded himself by becoming the proud owner of a stellar ’64 Buick Riviera. So proud was he, in fact, that he posed for an iconic photo while dressed in full Starfleet uniform with his car on the backlot of the TV studio. Now, Hot Wheels is paying tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek with a 3D diorama featuring a Hot Wheels edition of the Riviera in a full die-cast body and chassis, with Real Riders wheels and a Mr. Spock figurine. This product will cost $20.00 and will be available for pre-order at Orders must be picked up in person at San Diego Comic-Con.

Both products will also be available for purchase at the convention.

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