It's not too late to get in on the fun this weekend at the Star Trek: The Original Series Set Tour in Ticonderoga, New York, as tour creator James Cawley will welcome fans to Trekonderoga 2018, featuring:

In addition, Chris Hunter (Jeffrey Hunter's son) and Leslie Hoffman (veteran Trek stuntwoman) will be in attendance.

An annual event, Trekonderoga provides fans the opportunity to meet and greet Trek stars in an intimate and relaxed setting: the painstakingly recreated starship Enterprise sets, sets that make you feel you’ve been beamed back to Desilu in 1966. It’s there that fans will have access to photo ops, autographs and celebrity guest talks, tours led by Urban and the Okudas, and more. Numerous other events will take place nearby. And with crowd sizes kept to a limited number, the event itself is manageable and fun. Attendees can also expect to enjoy a scale-model competition and trivia panels, plus a cosplay contest.

The Star Trek: The Original Series Set Tour was erected based on the original blueprints and detailing. Fans can walk the corridors and visit sickbay, a briefing room, the captain’s quarters, transporter room and main engineering section of the Enterprise. Tour guides share behind-the-scenes information and explain how the original sets were designed and built. And the tour saves the best for last: the iconic main bridge, where the human adventure really began.

Go to for additional information, including the final schedule, and to purchase tickets.

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