Star Trek Online, the online role-playing game that continues the story of the Star Trek universe, is bringing you a brand-new starship from an original alien species. For the last year, we’ve told the story of the Lukari, explorers on the galactic scale, and their quest to reunite with their long-lost sister-species, the Kentari. Now, thanks to your efforts, the two species are working together as one on a new colony on the planet Dranuur. And you can fly the fruits of their efforts.

The Dranuur Scout ship is based on an early, lighter Lukari design, but combined with the technological might of the Kentari to bring you a fast, powerful ship. She’s a science vessel, with a Secondary Deflector and built-in Sensor Analysis, but she’s also fast enough to benefit from flanking the same way that Raiders do.

This ship is available to any fleet who has completed Tier 5 of their Dranuur Colony, which means you should be seeing them in game very soon. Join now and play for free, and you could form a fleet with your friends to explore the galaxy together.


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