Star Trek: Ascendancy is an epic strategy board game of exploration, expansion and conflict pitting the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire against each other. Each player controls one of these great civilizations, striking out from their home world to expand their influence and knowledge. The player who ends the game with the greatest society claims victory.

During the game, players command a vast fleet of Starships, sending them off into deep space to explore strange new worlds. Every time a player discovers a new planet, they draw and resolve an Exploration Card. Each card is a new adventure for the crews of your intrepid vessels, encountering new alien races, facing daunting challenges or making groundbreaking discoveries.

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek; specially marked boxes of Star Trek: Ascendancy will contain 15 bonus Exploration cards. These extra cards are all inspired by events, people and places from The Original Series. Your brave explorers could find themselves thralls of the powerful Game Masters of Triskelion or travel through the Guardian of Forever. Perhaps they will benefit by proving themselves to the mysterious Talosians or windup with a ship full of Tribble trouble.
Specially marked games containing these special 50th Anniversary cards will be limited.  You can ensure that you get your copy by pre-ordering the game at your local game or hobby store. Gale Force Nine puts the fate of the galaxy in your hands when Star Trek: Ascendancy hits stores later this summer.

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