Star Trek Las Vegas set a goal of 100 or more celebrity guests for the mega 50th anniversary event, which which will take place at the Rio Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas from August 3-7, and with the announcement today of guests #91-100, they've met that goal. The latest additions include Bjo and John Trimble, the fans beloved by fellow fans for having helped save the franchise by spearheading the letter-writing campaign that followed NBC's cancellation of Star Trek: The Original Series. Without the Trimbles, you might not be reading this article, as they're quite possibly wouldn't have been all the Trek spin-offs and movies, or, that came later.

Here's the list of additional guests:
"From the start of signing up guests we knew that our 100th celebrity had to be special to the fandom that has kept Star Trek alive to celebrate this incredible anniversary, so naturally our thoughts led to Bjo and John Trimble," Gary Berman, co-founder and co-COO of Creation, told "Active in sci-fi fandom for 60 years, Bjo is an artist and writer and she and John are credited as the major forces behind the famous-letter writing campaign that saw TOS renewed for a third season. She was also the driving force behind the letter-writing campaign that urged President Ford to change the name the first space shuttle Enterprise. Bjo and her husband, John, also helped set up Lincoln Enterprises, the historic mail-order Star Trek company owned by Majel Roddenberry. And she is the writer of the Star Trek Concordance, an early Star Trek encyclopedia for the original and animated series. We're thrilled to have them share the honor of being our 100th guests.”

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