We’d kind of like to see the Diamond Select Toys offices right about now. We’re pretty sure they’re being overrun by Tribbles even as you read this. Why? Well, let’s explain. Tipping their cap to the beloved episode “The Trouble with Tribbles,” Diamond Select Toys will, in May, unveil a new Star Trek Minimates exclusive via Action Figure Express. It’s a Minimates-compatible U.S.S. Enterprise that comes with an exclusive Kirk figure (in green tunic, naturally), plus a whole bunch of Tribbles to cause him trouble. The bridge boasts a removable command chair, while the engineering section opens up to reveal a Jefferies Tube. Also included is a display stand.



The AFX Exclusive Starship Enterprise “Trouble with Tribbles” Minimates Set by Diamond Select Toys will cost $29.99 and, as noted, will be available in May. Click HERE to pre-order.

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