Shmaltz Brewing will toast the 50th anniversary of Star Trek by introducing Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale -- "The Trouble with Tribbles." The product will be in select stores next week, including in San Diego in time for Comic-Con International and in Las Vegas in time for Star Trek Las Vegas. It will also be served in the San Diego area during Comic-Con and at the premiere of Star Trek Beyond. Likewise, the Rio Suites & Hotel will be serving draft in their bars and offer four-packs for sale in some of their shops.

So what is Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale -- "The Trouble with Tribbles"? For the answer to that let's turn to Drew Schmidt, the Shmaltz brewer behind the recipe concept and the following background information:

In the original Star Trek series episode 44 entitled “Trouble with Tribbles,” the Enterprise was on a mission to deliver Quadrotriticale, a genetically engineered “4-row” cross between wheat and rye developed on the planet Earth in the year 2269, in an effort to save the agrarian planet Sherman. Since the year 2269 is still about 250 years in the future, Quadritriticale has yet to be conceived. Thus, we will have to brew with triticale. The Triticale should contribute flavor more distinct than wheat but less spicy than rye. Light Carastan malt will give some residual sweetness in the form of very light toffee. A dose of Munich will add a slight bready quality. Wheat malt will add a slight crisp character. Mashing at a moderate temperature will give this beer a medium body. In keeping with the intergalactic theme, hopping will be comprised of Comet, Galaxy, Polaris, Aurora and Admiral (Kirk) hops. Admiral and Comet will be used in the boil. Galaxy, Polaris and Aurora will be used as flavor hops contributing floral, mint, pine and tropical fruit flavors. A dry hop of approximately 2/3lb. per Bbl consisting of Aurora (pine and floral) and Galaxy (pine, apple, other tropical fruity flavors). This beer is not filtered to clarity, in order to preserve the ambiguity of good and evil.

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