Trek Stars Set For Live Benefit: Performing War of the Worlds

Trek Stars Set For Live Benefit: Performing War of the Worlds

"I'm speaking from the roof of the Broadcasting Building, New York City. The bells you hear are ringing to warn the people to evacuate the city as the Martians approach. Estimated in last two hours three million people have moved out along the roads to the north, Hutchison River Parkway still kept open for motor traffic. Avoid bridges to Long Island... hopelessly jammed. All communication with Jersey shore closed ten minutes ago. No more defenses. Our army wiped out... artillery, air force, everything wiped out. This may be the last broadcast. We'll stay here to the end..."

The War of the WorldsStar Trek

"I have listened to the original War of the Worlds broadcast since I got my very first cassette player in the 1970s," Wheaton told "It's an honor to be asked to perform in it, and a privilege to play the role that Orson Welles created."

The event will be held at the Acme Theatre in Hollywood, California, at 8 p.m. on January 17. Click HERE for additional information about the show and HERE for details about a post-performance reception with actors from the show.

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