Star Trek universes are colliding, sort of, out in North Hollywood. Star Trek: Enterprise's Linda Park is among the stars of Top Girls, the current stage production mounted by The Antaeus Company, the classical theater ensemble which Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Armin Shimerman and his wife (and DS9 guest star) Kitty Swink serve as associate artistic directors and board members. 

Top Girls is written by Caryl Churchhill and directed by Cameron Watson. Here's the synopsis, straight from Antaeus: "Politics get personal in the go-getting 1980s of Margaret Thatcher's England when Marlene, who has just been made managing director of the Top Girls Employment Agency, discovers that life above the glass ceiling is not all it's cracked up to be. An insightful commentary on bourgeois feminism, this bold and ingenious work offers one of theater's most honest portraits of what it means to be a woman in the modern world. Shoulder-pads may no longer be in fashion, but Churchill’s masterpiece continues to resonate."

The production rotates casts, with one group referred to as High Flyers and the other as Ball Breakers. Park is among the High Flyers and she co-stars as Lady Nijo/Win. Top Girls kicked off previews on March 6, will officially open on March 13 and is set to run through May 4.

"This play is usually explored from a feminist or socialist standpoint but as we've delved into the material all of that intellectualization has fallen away," Park told "What has been revealed is the portraits of very real women in whom I recognize my friends, my mother, my grandmother, all the women in my life who have their own unique life stories of what they've been through and what they've sacrificed along the way. As always with Cameron Watson, our process has been distilled down to telling the truth. That is always the biggest the challenge in theatre and the most rewarding experience."

Visit the Antaeus site for additional details and to purchase tickets.


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