Westland Giftware has just added a quintet of new items to its ever-expanding line of Star Trek products. Available now are two Star Trek 16 oz. acrylic/stainless steel travel mugs, with each measuring 7 inches tall. The first mug is Starfleet-themed and features images of the Enterprise, Kirk, Spock and McCoy, as well as the TOS logo. Mug number two depicts the Enterprise in space and features the TOS logo. Each mug costs $14.99.


Also available from Westland are three Star Trek Light-Up canvas prints, one each featuring the Star Trek insignia, the U.S.S. Enterprise, and also Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy along with the Enterprise and the TOS insignia. LED lights, powered by AA batteries, illuminate the prints. Each print cost $21.99.

The mugs and canvas prints can be found at Entertainment Earth and other retailers. Visit Entertainmant Earth to purchase the mugs and canvas prints.


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