It may seem like a mini-Star Trek convention for the next few weeks at The Antaeus Company. The Los Angeles classical theater ensemble, for which Armin Shimerman and his wife and DS9 guest star Kitty Swink serve as artistic directors, just kicked off a production of Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part One, and among the cast members are Gregory Itzin as Falstaff, Tony Amendola as Worcester and Elizabeth Dennehy as Quickly/Vernon.

Star Trek fans will recall that Itzin played Ilon Tandro in the “Dax” episode of Deep Space Nine and then returned to that show to portray Hain in “Who Mourns for Mourn?” He was Doctor Dysek in the Voyager hour “Critical Care” and also guest starred twice on Enterprise, first as Captain Sopek in “Shadows of P’Jem” and later as Admiral Black in “In a Mirror Darkly, Part II."

Amendola, meanwhile, is a sci-fi veteran who entered the Trek universe with his brief turn as Chorus Member #3 in the Voyager episode “Muse.” And, of course, Dennehy memorably guest starred as Lt. Commander Shelby – in the TNG episodes “The Best of Both Worlds, Part I and II.”

Henry IV, Part One is running now through May 3. All Antaeus shows are double-cast, so be sure to check the schedule. Visit for additional details.

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