Angel Hernandez, the artist best known for creating the gorgeous interior panels in many DC comic books (Arrow, Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse), is currently lending his talents to IDW Publishing’s blockbuster six-part Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War crossover. In them, the current Star Trek crew makes the acquaintance of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. IDW recently interviewed Hernandez, and today shares that interview with you. Here’s what he had to say:

Who are your big artistic influences? 

HERNANDEZ: I could not talk about any specific influences, but rather about the many authors who over time serve as a reference in different aspects of the work itself. I believe everything you’ve read, in one way or another influences you, or gives you solutions to each project you are developing. From Kirby to Reis, or Altuna to Ortiz, or Mignola to Mazzucchelli through Steranko or Moebius... from each author, big or small, you learn a lot.
Did you grow up as a fan of both Star Trek and Green Lantern?

HERNANDEZ: When I was a child, I really enjoyed watching classic films on the weekends, and then I stopped following the franchise for a while because where I lived it didn’t air until the new versions by J.J. Abrams arrived. Regarding Green Lantern, he is a character who has always attracted me. He has a very rich universe that is ideal to let your imagination fly. For me, this a is a great opportunity to enjoy two of the richest universes in the industry.
What specific books or movies did you look at when developing your style for the series?
HERNANDEZ: In order to place the action, I watched, several times, the new Star Trek films. They have everything you need, the environment, the light and the visual tone. And certainly, I worked on some scenes while I was listening to the soundtrack of Michael Giacchino.

There’s a lot of large-scale cosmic action happening in this book. How do you approach these big scenes... one character at a time, or broad strokes that narrow down?
HERNANDEZ: Yes, there are many space battles where ships, flying characters, beams of lights, etc., are involved and I’ve tried to show the scale of all the elements as well perceived and as credible as possible. I even looked for references in classic pictures of naval battles. I hope I’ve managed to transmit that feeling of chaos and cosmic light in those scenes.
What do you find most rewarding working on this book?
HERNANDEZ: It is very gratifying to draw many different characters from both franchises. I have not had time to get bored on any page. I have to say that to have the opportunity to participate in this crossover is a real luxury for any artist.
What alien species has been your favorite to draw so far? Which Lantern?
HERNANDEZ: From Star Trek, my favorite alien species are the Gorn. We have given them a new shape for this project and I am very pleased with the result. In relation to the Lanterns, I admit I have a soft spot for Sinestro. I like his aspect, his attitude... He is my favorite Lantern.
Who do you think the crew of the Enterprise should crossover with next?
HERNANDEZ: A meeting between the Enterprise and the Alien Nostromo would be something very interesting to see. I think Bones would have a lot of work.
What can you say about your colorist, Alejandro?

HERNANDEZ: I am really lucky to work with him on this project; it is a luxury for me. We have worked on several projects together and the results have always been good. We have very good communication and we understand each other very well, which adds up a lot to the final result. For me, it is a real pleasure to work with someone as talented as him.

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