From the files of "In Case You Missed It..." here's a great story about a man whose determination to beat cancer can be traced to two Halloween photos with a Star Trek twist. Tom Schutt, a high school math teacher from Washington, D.C., wore a Captain Picard costume for Halloween in 2013. He dressed like Picard because he'd gone bald from the chemotherapy treatments intended to combat Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, which he'd been diagnosed with at age 27. A year later, and recovered, Schutt's fiance suggested that -- since his hair had grown back and he was now sporting a full, thick beard -- that he celebrate Halloween 2014 attired as Riker, which he did. As reported on, Schutt's friend and roommate, Annalee Horne, tweeted the side by side photos of Schutt. loves the results, and we're sure millions of you fans out there do, too. We also reached out to Jonathan Frakes, who sounded thrilled to hear the anecdote about Schutt's Halloween costume of choice and, more importantly, the good news about Schutt's health. "I am so honored to be connected -- albeit through the space/time continuum -- with Mr. Schutt's brilliant victory," Frakes said. "LLAP."


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