Diamond Select Toys will expand their line of Star Trek retro cloth figures this spring with the introduction of Lokai the Cheron and also a Red Shirt Security Crewman, which will come as a set. Now if you're thinking, "Haven't I seen this Cheron before?"... that's not quite the case. You saw the previously released Bele, who was black on the right and white on the left, whereas Lokai will be white on the right and black on the left. Of course, the new Cheron is inspired by The Original Series episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield." Those ordering the set may receive one of two variants of the Red Shirt Security Crewman; each will have a different head sculpt with either brown hair or black hair, as well as officer rank markings.

Both 8-inch figures will feature removable clothing and multiple points of articulation, just like the Mego figures of old, and will come individually wrapped in a resealable plastic clamshell with retro-style artwork. Designed by EMCE Toys, the Star Trek Series 8 Red Shirt and Cheron Action Figure Set will cost $32.99 and be available in May. Go to www.entertainmentearth.com to pre-order the products.

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