Today is a good day to... dress warmly. And if you want to do so in Klingon style, ThinkGeek can help, as they've just unveiled an exclusive Star Trek: The Next Generation Worf Hoodie. Based on the two-piece Robert Blackman-designed uniforms seen on TNG in season three and beyond, the Klingon hoodie also features the Klingon warrior's sash redesign by Durinda Rice Wood.

The hood features piping along the edge. When the hood is up, it's a hoodie, and when the hood is down, it mimics the collar of the uniform. ThinkGeek made these without pips so that fans can add their own, appropriate to their rank of choice. Anyone who needs a combadge, ThinkGeek offers those, too; just click HERE. It should be noted that the gold may look more a bit more brown than expected, but it is actually screen-accurate. The full-zip hoodie is 80% cotton and 20% polyester, with the colors pieced together, not printed on. Addditionally, the Klingon warrior's sash features printing and embroidered details. It has two front pockets and ribbed cuffs and bottom.

The Star Trek: The Next Generation Worf Hoodie is available in sizes ranging from small to 3X. It costs $59.99 and is in stock now. Go to to purchase.


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