Westland Giftware will have a trove of new Star Trek products available in time for the holidays, and StarTrek.com has a look at what's on the way. Best known for their Star Trek: The Original Series-themed products, they're about to add several Star Trek: The Next Generation-themed items to their line. Check out the photos below of TNG 16-ounce mugs (Picard, Worf, Troi, and Geordi, for $14.99 each), salt & pepper shaker sets (Picard and Riker, and Data and Worf at $15.99 per set), ceramic cookie jars (Worf bust and Picard bust for $44.99 each), and light-up canvas prints (Kronos One and Starbase 74 at $21.99 each).


Also coming soon are a few TOS products, among them a 52-ounce "Monster Mug" as Westland calls it, and a Crew Tin Tote that depicts the Enterprise, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Chekov, Uhura and Sulu. The "Monter Mug" features images of the Enterprise, the Star Trek logo and several characters, and will sell for $16.99, while the Crew Tin Tote will be priced at $11.99.

Visit www.EntertainmentEarth.com to pre-order all the items noted above, which will be available in December. And keep an eye on StarTrek.com for additional news about Westland Giftware products.


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