Captain Kirk and Captain Picard are nearly ready to beam up. Titan Merchandise will, in November, launch their Star Trek Masterpiece Collection with maxi-busts of William Shatner as Kirk and Patrick Stewart as Picard. According to Titan, “every physical detail of the captain of the original Enterprise has been recreated, from the warmth of his smile to the texture of his uniform top in this astonishingly detailed three-quarter-length, 8” tall maxi-bust.” Likewise, “Every nuance of Picard’s cerebral military brilliance is captured” in the Picard maxi-bust. Both polystone busts measure 8” tall and 5” wide.


The busts will be priced at $89.99 (SRP) and will be available starting in November. Fans in the U.S. can pre-order the Kirk and Picard busts from The Big Bad Toy Store by clicking HERE and HERE, while UK/European fans can order from Forbidden Planet by clicking HERE. And keep an eye on for news about additional busts coming soon from Titan Merchandise.