Can’t get enough of Star Trek Timelines, the only mobile game where you can command your dream team of Star Trek characters? Or, has it been awhile since you last played? Well, there have been several new updates to the game, including improvements to Away Missions and the kick-off of Events. All of these updates are revealed first on the Disruptor Stream every Friday, but if you missed out, here’s a recap of some of our recently added content. 

Away Mission Updates

Get a look at Away Mission user interface updates in our most recent Disruptor Stream. Away Missions allow you to send three crew handpicked for their skills on an exciting adventure in which you decide how they will solve problems. Improvements include more detailed information when building teams for an Away Mission, and the ability to quickly change difficulty while forming said team. Watch the video for even more details.

Events Reveal

While our first event recently concluded, the Star Trek Timelines team continues work on future in-game events. By successfully completing missions during an event, players earn Victory Points (VP) which count toward the next threshold reward and total leaderboard ranking. Watch this episode of the Disruptor Stream to get an idea of what playing an event involves, including threshold rewards, ranked rewards and event-limited story content.

Future Disruptor Streams: First Looks, Q&As and Giveaways

There’s more to come as the team is always working on new improvements and updates. Tune-in on Fridays at 2:30pm EDT /18:30 UTC to get exclusive first looks, giveaways and weekly live community Q&A all about Timelines. Reach out to us on the official Star Trek Timelines forums, our Facebook page and via Twitter. You can also subscribe to Disruptor Beam’s YouTube channel or follow us on Twitch to catch every Friday’s live Disruptor Stream.

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