Disruptor Beam will soon begin rolling out a new feature to Star Trek Timelines players: The Gauntlet. This exciting new Player-vs-Player (PvP) feature will pit your strongest crew against the crews of other Captains throughout the galaxy.

The Gauntlet, while open to players at level 10 or higher, will especially challenge experienced Captains to make the most out of their crew’s skills while squaring off against other experienced leaders. After assembling a team of five crew, Captains will be able to face off against the chosen teams of up to 200 other Captains. Each Gauntlet round features a different skill, so every attempt will be a challenge.

While assigned to a Gauntlet, your chosen crew will still be available for shuttle missions, Away Team missions and the Battle Arena.

The Gauntlet will be rolled out to a small number of players first, then more players over time. For more information on this exciting feature, read our blog post FAQ on DisruptorBeam.com.

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