You asked for it and Disruptor Beam heard you. Star Trek Timelines, previously only available on mobile devices, is now available to play in your web browser through Facebook Games, and on your Windows PC desktop with Facebook Gameroom. Now, whether you’re out exploring the Alpha Quadrant or safe in your crew quarters charging your devices, your crew, fleets, squadrons and events are at your fingertips, ready to explore strange new worlds.

What’s more, you’ll be able to seamlessly switch between devices and computers, taking your crew, your ships, your fleets, your squadrons and the entirety of the Star Trek universe with you.

To get started with the Facebook version of Star Trek Timelines, check out this FAQ on the Disruptor Beam website, visit Star Trek Timelines on Facebook Games or download Facebook Gameroom on your Windows PC.

Available now on the App Store, Google Play, Facebook Games, and Facebook Gameroom, Star Trek Timelines merges the characters, stories and settings from Star Trek: The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. Gather your favorite heroes -- or villains -- to build your dream crew, explore the galaxy and lead Starfleet through a crisis threatening the very fabric of time and space. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

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