Any race that the Iconians specifically targeted, albeit through their servitors, must hold valuable information. Unfortunately, Voyager’s searches in Krenim space have turned up nothing but vague rumors and anomalous sensor data that is currently being combed over by Starfleet’s best scientists.

There is, however, one lead that has turned up in the Beta Quadrant – a Ferengi named Qwen has made a very public announcement that he is in possession of various Delta Quadrant artifacts of dubious value. One such item is listed as Krenim in origin.

We need you to get a meeting with Qwen in order to examine this artifact and determine its value. If it is genuine, your orders are to secure this item by any means necessary, although hopefully a peaceful business arrangement can be agreed upon. Our dealings with Ferengi businessmen such as Qwen have been tumultuous in the past, and so we have a specialist in dealing with these matters standing by to assist you.

Fly to Drozana Station to begin the new episode “Time in a Bottle” and search for a lost race with the help of Captain Nog, Starfleet’s expert in negotiating with Ferengi. If you are successful, we may be one step closer to finding a way to end this war against the Iconians.

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