Earn Doctor Chaotica in “They Came From the Holodeck Part 2!”

The dastardly deeds of space-villain Doctor Chaotica are once again being unleashed upon the galaxy, and the entire Alpha Quadrant needs your help, Captain!

Grab your ray gun and head to the holodeck for an encore edition of “They Came from the Holodeck!” Doctor Chaotica is again set to wreak his havoc, and only you can stop him.



Just like the last time this evil genius escaped into the Star Trek Timelines universe, you’ll need to complete Federation Faction Missions to end Doctor Chaotica’s reign of terror and restore order and justice to the Galaxy. By successfully completing these Federation Faction Missions during the event, you’ll earn Victory Points which count toward rewards and leaderboard rankings. In keeping with featured characters Doctor Chaotica, Queen Arachnia and Captain Proton, any version of Janeway or Paris used on a Federation Faction Mission during the event will receive a skill bonus, as will Chaotica himself.

An event pack will be released where players can obtain Chaotica, Arachnia and Captain Proton. Players should head to the Time Portal to obtain the pack and prepare for the event.

While ranked rewards are given out based on your leaderboard position at the end of an event, threshold rewards are given as you complete milestones by earning more and more victory points. These rewards include training programs, transmissions, crew, equipment, credits and merits. As you reach higher and higher thresholds, your rewards will become more rare as well. Diligent Captains can even end up with Super Rare (four-star) crew and training programs.

Quickly, Captains. The Fate of the Galaxy hangs in the balance - “They Came From the Holodeck” begins on 28 July at 12:00 ET (16:00 UTC).

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