Star Trek and San Diego Comic-Con go hand-in-hand, and SDCC 2018 will be no exception. In addition to the previously announced Star Trek: Discovery activity, we highlight a galaxy of Star Trek licensed products – much of it exclusive, much of it with booth special prices – during SDCC.

Here's our guide to all things Star Trek at this year's show:


Friday, July 20, 1:30PM
HALL H, San Diego Convention Center

Series stars Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Shazad Latif, Mary Wiseman, Anthony Rapp, Wilson Cruz, Mary Chieffo and Anson Mount will settle onto the dais, joined by executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin. Tig Notaro, who will guest star as Chief Engineer Reno during Discovery’s sophomore year, will moderate the panel. Together, they will look back at season one of the CBS All Access series and peer forward to hint at where the crew will go as they head into season two.


Thursday, July 19 through Sunday, July 22
Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery
363 Fifth Avenue

CBS will deliver a fully immersive Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Universe experience at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery. The experience will feature a photo opportunity on Emperor Georgiou’s Throne and will showcase props and costumes directly from the series’ Terran Empire. The gallery will also house an official Star Trek Shop with Comic-Con exclusives. The takeover experience will be free to the public and not require a Comic-Con badge for entry.

And fans should be on the lookout for free, limited-edition Star Trek: Discovery Starfleet pins that will be distributed each day at the gallery.   

Exhibit Hours:
Thursday 11:00am to 9:00pm
Friday 11:00am to 9:00pm
Saturday 11:00am to 9:00pm
Sunday 11:00am to 5:00pm


Thursday, July 19 through Sunday, July 22

All weekend long, CBS will offer free “intergalactic” rides throughout San Diego’s Gaslamp District in pedicabs inspired by the design of the U.S.S. Discovery’s Captain’s Chair. The pedicabs will feature the chair’s distinctive stitched black seats as well as video monitors built into its armrests, which will screen trailers for the highly anticipated second season. As an added touch, each vehicle will display an illuminated U.S.S. Discovery delta shield on the back.

Updated July 16, 2018 to include Eaglemoss, McFarlane and MEGO

ANOVOS (Booth #3849)

ANOVOS will reveal a U.S.S. Enterprise Studio-Scale Model at SDCC and boast displays featuring many of their high-quality Trek prop reproductions, costumes and more. Fans can purchase items ranging from Discovery Starfleet Hand Phasers, Starfleet Phaser Rifles, Discovery - "Disco" Athletic Shirts from the "Shore Leave Collection" in 3 inspired-by styles (Command Gold, Sciences Silver, Operations Copper), and a U.S.S. Shenzhou Studio-Scale Model, U.S.S. Discovery Studio-Scale Model. Stop by the booth for 15% off select items.

ANOVOS is also offering an online SDCC Special of 10% off select in-stock items via

Chronicle Books (Booth #1506)

SDCC will be the “purrfect” time to purchase copies of the Jenny Parks books Star Trek Cats and Star Trek: The Next Generation Cats, as well as exclusive The Next Generation Cats patches (limit two per person, while supplies last) at the following days and times:

  • Thursday, July 19th & Saturday, July 21st
    9:30am: Locutus
  • Friday, July 20th & Sunday, July 22nd
    9:30am: Sherlock Data and Geordi


Friday, July 20th at 12:30pm: Parks will be at the Chronicle Books booth to sign copies of Star Trek Cats books.

Diamond Select Toys (Booth #2607)

DST, at their booth, will offer a Transparent "Cloaked" TOS Romulan Bird of Prey. It’s priced at $70 each and limited to 300 pieces.

Eaglemoss (Booth #3249)

Eaglemoss will be in the house with SDCC first looks at a number of Trek products, among them the Discovery Europa and Vulcan Cruiser; busts of Kirk, Spock, Worf and Data (all on display for the first time in North America); XL versions of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-B and Miranda-class U.S.S. Reliant; and two Special Edition Bonus Ships, Rick Sternbach’s U.S.S. Voyager Concept and the Klingon Bird-of-Prey (Landing Position). SDCC attendees can take advantage of special pricing at the Eaglemoss booth.

Gentle Giant (Booth #3513)

Gentle Giant will reveal their Discovery products, including the new Saru bust/statue, Michael Burnham 1:4 Scale Statue, Klingon Torchbearer 1:4 Scale Statue, Klingon Torchbearer Knife Wall Mount Display and a set of Federation/Klingon insignia bookends.


Saturday, July 21, 2:30pm – 4:30pm: Fans can get their SDCC-exclusive Saru bust signed by Doug Jones.

Hallmark (Booth #2913-K and PopMinded Booth #1505)

Star Trek: The Animated Series characters Lt. Arex and Lt. M’Ress, are part of an SDCC exclusive Keepsake Ornament two-pack celebrating the show’s 45th anniversary. Limited to a production run of 2,800.

As another SDCC exclusive, a Gorn itty bittys plush will becomes the first Trek alien adversary to join the itty bittys collection. The Gorn has a total production run of 2,500.

A U.S.S. Discovery Keepsake Ornament will be available for purchase, as well as additional Trek-centric Hallmark ornaments and itty bitty plush.

Fans eager to see what else Hallmark has in the way of future Trek products will enjoy sneak peeks at: U.S.S. Enterprise Premium Metal Keepsake Ornament, Kirk & Khan 2-pack itty bittys plush set, Mirror Universe Spock & Kirk exclusives. The exclusives will be available at Hallmark Booth #2913-K, while the core line of Keepsake Ornaments and itty bittys, as well as sneak peeks of Fall 2018, can be found at PopMinded Booth #1505.


Saturday, July 21st, 5:00pm – 6:00pm: Doug Jones will be signing U.S.S. Discovery Keepsake Ornaments at Booth #2913-K.

Icon Heroes (Booth #3345)

Limited to 100 pieces, an Enterprise-D Saucer Mouse Pad will be available for $15. Star Trek Smartphone Card Holders will also be available at $10.00 each. The self-adhesive card holders fit most smartphones, stick to smartphones, cases and more, and securely hold up to two cards and cash.

IDW Publishing (Booth #2743)

SDCC exclusives from IDW include Star Trek Through the Mirror five-pack bundles, featuring the whole set of single issues form the series with special variant covers, for $25, and a Discovery Annual Blank cover for $10. IDW will also offer non-exclusive Mirror Broken TP Con Variants for $20.


Friday, July 20th, 5:00pm – 6:00pm: Mike Johnson, David Tipton, Scott Tipton, J.K. Woodward

Saturday, July 21st, 12:00pm – 1:00pm: Mike Johnson, David Tipton, Scott Tipton, J.K. Woodward


McFarlane (at Diamond Booth #2401)

Captain James T. Kirk and Captain Jean-Luc Picard, quite appropriately, kick off McFarlane Toys' line of merchandise spanning the entire Star Trek universe, ranging from Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Discovery to the feature films. Fans should be sure to check out the fully articulated 7-inch Kirk and Picard figures that will be on display.

Mego Corporation (Booth #830)

The Mego Corporation is back, and so too is their association with Star Trek. The beloved company, which offered numerous TOS products in the 1970s, will be at San Diego Comic-Con with their throwback figures, including 24 units each of a Mirror Kirk and Spock two-pack, as well as Sulu and Chekov figures.

Simon & Schuster (Booth #1128)

S&S won’t have any exclusives available this year, but they’ll be selling several popular Trek titles, including the Discovery adventures Desperate Hours, Drastic Measures and Fear Itself. And they’ll be giving away the following Trek titles: Destiny #1: Gods of Night, The Fall: Revelation and Dust, and TOS: Legacies #1: Captain to Captain.

ThinkGeek (Booth #3349)

ThinkGeek will live demo their Star Trek Phaser Controlled Rock Mood Light. Faithfully reproducing Sulu’s Alfa 177 planetary experience, where he used his phaser to heat a rock to survive freezing conditions, fans can now fire this replica first-season Type-1 Phaser at the rock, making it glow, or access a whole spectrum of relaxing atmospheric settings and provide an ambient glow in numerous colors. The Mood Light will cost $70; limited to one per customer.

Titan (Booth #5537)

The long-awaited Star Trek: Lost Scenes will be presented with a Comic-Con Exclusive Replica Film Cell. As previously reported, Lost Scenes features hundreds of curated, never-before-seen color photos from TOS. All images are restored to their original, vibrant colors and help chronicle the making of TOS. Debuting at SDCC and not on sale anywhere else, this limited edition of 200 is priced at $40 per book and comes with a replica film cell featuring super-rare images, not even in the book.

Star Trek Shop

All sorts of SDCC-exclusive Trek merchandise, including mugs and tee-shirts, will be available at the Star Trek Shop in the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts Gallery (363 Fifth Avenue), home to the fully immersive Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Universe experience. The Star Trek Shop will be open from July 19-22.

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