As captains in Star Trek Online entered the year 2410, a number of conflicts were winding down throughout the galaxy. The discovery of an Iconian gateway on New Romulus led to another great find – the Solanae Dyson Sphere in the Delta Quadrant. Faced with a new mystery and mutual danger, three of the galactic powers – the Federation, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Republic – put aside their differences to study the sphere and establish a zone of control there. Allied against the alien Voth, the three factions were able to prevail in the conflicts that took place within the Sphere. But a larger threat loomed…

The returning Undine launched a bold attack against both Qo’noS and Earth, doing considerable damage to both systems. A deadly encounter on Qo’noS revealed the masterminds of the great conflict – the Iconians. In the face of such a potent enemy, the Federation and the Klingons called for an armistice, ending the war between them. Using the Jenolan Dyson Sphere as a staging ground, the fledgling Alliance began to conduct operations against mutual foes in the Delta Quadrant.

Conflict between the Alliance and a number of hostile forces - including the Vaadwaur Supremacy - raged throughout the Delta Quadrant. Gradually, the Alliance learned that a number of their recent foes were either in league with the Iconians or had been manipulated into conflict by them. Eventually, the Iconians chose to no longer engage the forces of the Alliance with their servants and proxies. As their forces directly engaged the allied factions in deadly combat, the devastating Iconian War began.

The war took a terrible toll on all members of the Alliance, and the factions within it were pushed close to the breaking point. With the threat of an Iconian victory looming, the Alliance began to explore all possible paths to victory – including time travel and temporal combat. Desperate, a small force of Alliance vessels traveled to the distant past with the intent to eliminate the dangerous aliens before they could become a threat. In the end, the planned attack became a mission of mercy, ultimately leading to a peaceful resolution to the deadly war back in the 25th century.

There were consequences from the temporal manipulation conducted by the Alliance, however. Not everyone in the galaxy agreed on the ethics and rules involving time travel, and the historic signing of the Temporal Accords was marred by violence in the distant future by temporal dissidents. A former ally betrayed the major factions and escaped into the timestream with a powerful timeship.

Shortly thereafter, an assassin fired the next shots of the Temporal War on New Romulus during an Alliance summit, beginning a new conflict that spans the length of time and space…

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