Oh, myyyyyy. One of Sulu’s signature moments came to life today at ThinkGeek’s booth at San Diego Comic-Con, as ThinkGeek and The Wand Company demo-ed their joint product, the Star Trek Phaser-Controlled Rock Mood Light. Inspired by the effects seen in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode “The Enemy Within,” the product features a hand-painted rock and a highly accurate replica first-season Type-1 Phaser, both of which fans can use to recreate Sulu’s Alfa 177 planetary experience, where he fired his phaser to heat a rock to survive the freezing conditions. Much like Sulu, fans can make the rock glow for survival, or they can access a whole spectrum of relaxing atmospheric settings and provide an ambient glow in numerous colors.

The rock comes with two modes: Survival, which "heats" the rock, and Atmosphere, which turns it into a light show with seven colors. In Survival mode, pressing and holding the remote's trigger makes phaser firing sounds and imparts a red glow to the rock -- as if you're heating it. The glow then dims once the trigger is released. Atmosphere mode can be controlled via phaser remote or buttons on the bottom of the rock.

The Star Trek Phaser-Controlled Rock Mood Light ThinkGeek is priced at $70 and limited to one per person. Get your Rock Mood Light at Booth #3349 or visit www.thinkgeek.com.

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