Famke Janssen, as she transitioned from model to actress, gave one of her first-ever performances in Star Trek: The Next Generation. She played Kamala, the empathic metamorph, opposite Patrick Stewart's Captain Picard in the fifth-season episode "The Perfect Mate." These days, she remains an in-demand actress who routinely ping-pongs between blockbusters, including GoldenEye, the X-Men saga (with Patrick Stewart) and the Taken trilogy, and such indie films as Love & Sex, The Wackness, Bringing Up Bobby (which she wrote, produced and directed) and the upcoming drama Jack of the Red Hearts.

Set for release on Feb. 26, Jack of the Red Hearts follows a rebellious teen (AnnaSophia Robb) who tells a few untruths to land a job as caretaker for an autistic 11-year-old girl named Glory (Taylor Richardson). Janssen plays Glory's mother.
Additionally, Janssen has completed work on two other films, Going Under and This Is Your Death. Going Under is an action comedy that co-stars Bruce Willis, Jason Momoa and John Goodman, while This Is Your Death is a drama featuring Josh Duhamel, Giancarlo Esposito (who's also directing) and Sarah Wayne Callies.
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